Hey! My name is Ekansh.

Currently, I'm studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. Most recently, in 2019, I've worked at Two Sigma and Facebook. Previously, I've had a chance to contribute at Capital One Labs, and Amazon Web Services.

At school, I have done research at the Maryland Blended Reality Center. I specialized in virtual and augmented reality, including their medical applications and streaming optimizations. I'm also a student in the QUEST Honors Program, a program with a curriculum focusing on design and innovation.

Outside of that, I like sharing code on GitHub, where you'll find both completed projects and works in progress. For example, I've worked on a multidisciplinary team designing a virtual reality memory palace called DiscoVR. You can also find me at my LinkedIn posting updates every so often.

Interested? Contact me at ekansh.vinaik@gmail.com.